Another Year to Live

Some minutes ago, I picked up the pen with a view to writing about the old year. It was filled with unprecedented ups and downs. Some battles I won, some I lost. I learnt my lessons in both divides.

Birthday changes nothing about one’s life. It reminds us that we are aging another year. Another reminder that we’re not getting any younger. But then, it is an opportunity to be thankful for the people around me and the gift of being alive.

I feel a little more cheerful and grateful.


  • Adegbite Opeyemi David

    Pray you live long to witness the good things of life

  • Olusola

    Happy Birthday Adeola. Continue to shine and prosper.

  • Akin Ibikunle

    Happy birthday biggest man! Here’s to celebrating your bigger feats to come. Cheers!!

  • Praise


  • Itunuoluwa

    Happy birthday buddy, is another year to explore around the best places in world.. you are going far in life. Have a blast😻

  • Dolabomi

    Happy birthday brother, you are such a great and kind man. You celebrate many years in good health and happiness ❤️

  • Adedayo John

    Happy birthday boss! Thanks for all that you do.

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