GREBLAGE – A Gathering of Digital Enthusiasts

Hi there, I’m ‘Deola Adeyemi. This message is for participants of web and digital marketing classes I’ve facilitated. If you’re seeing this, then you’re one. If not, simply ignore.

How have you been? I sincerely hope you’ve been doing just fine.

I’ve been lost in work, trying to keep fit, learn more and build my portfolio.

Then I decided I needed to reach out to those I’ve taught. Honestly, I’ve not been doing so well at keeping in touch with everyone. Sometimes, I get lost in work and even skip meals.

But then, I want to do better. This is the story behind Greblage, which sets out as a gathering of old students. With Greblage, we can all grow together and build a communal digital hub. We can:

  • Network
  • Learn
  • Share Resources
  • Get jobs/Recommend, among others.

Hence, I reached out to some of us, some now colleague, to join me as we launch Greblage. Check attached flier for details. The maiden meet, set to hold on Meet, will feature talk, testimonies, networking, airtime giveaway, Questions & Answers, among others.

Kindly join in on Telegram ( or Whatsapp

I look forward to having you onboard. Thank you.

‘Deola Adeyemi
[email protected]



I don’t spam!

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